ongoing research:


Metropolitan City-Regions
Lukas Küng 


Food Territories.

Correlations between Food Systems and Territorial Organization. Case Study Egypt.

Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

recent dissertations:

Development Cooperation at all Costs -

How Global Actors and Concepts Influence Urban and Rural Transformation: Case Studies from Ethiopia.

Sascha Delz


The Baltimore Ghetto
An Urban History of Housing and Politics, 1920-1968

Benjamin Leclair-Paquet


The Politics of Dharavi

On the relation between discourse and territorial production.

Martha Kolokotroni

Organizing the Informal
Urbanization Strategies for the Informal City
Rainer Hehl

Empire of Efficiency
The Urban Impact of Retail Logistics using Walmart Stores, Inc. as a Case Study
Jesse LeCavalier

The Urban Unconscious
Mediating the Psyche and the City in the Twentieth Century
Cary Siress

The City and the Architecture of Change:
Cedric Price and the concept of Micropolitics in the Architecture of the 1960s and 1970s.
Tanja Herdt

Gerontological Urbanism
Innovations in Urbanism for the Elderly Demographic
Deane Simpson