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Alon Schwabe & Daniel Fernández Pascual

Session on Territory HS18

Los Angeles River HS18

cooperative production of low-cost housing

Mirroring Effects: Tales of Territory

Sessions on Territory FS18

Sessions on Territory HS17

Manipulative Iconographies of Nile Dams: The Political Image

Marc Angélil in Conversation with Arno Brandlhuber

Alltag und Zukunft in Brasilianischen Favelas – Im gespräch mit Marc Angélil

Urbanism of the New Third Age

Mapping Flows: Switzerland as Operational Landscape

Alejandra Fries

Matej Draslar

Skopje, or how context fucked concepts and vice versa

Infrastructure as a motor of social development

Urban Development and Poverty – Addis Ababa

Urban Transformation in Developing Territories

Strategien zur Entwicklung zeitgenössischer urbaner Territorien

Big Box Re-Tale: Logistik als urbanes Prinzip

Urban Tools – Case Study: Canton Schwyz

Observations on Sao Paolo’s Culture of Siege

Marc Angélil